Monday, December 12, 2005

ABC Current AffairsJournalists On Strike

You can't get this information from the ABC site yet, but Melbourne's Age tells the story. The journo's are being required to twiiddle knobs as well as write, present and co-ordinate their shows. As if the inside of most ABC buildings didn't already resemble Doctor Who battling to control his TARDIS in midflight!

Extract from The AGE

Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) federal secretary Chris Warren said ABC management wanted journalists on those programs to start operating the radio panel at the same time as presenting on air.

He said management planned to make several panel operators redundant.
''(The strike) is over the proposed restructure within the ABC, which journalists believe will fundamentally undermine the quality of these programs,'' Mr Warren said.

Given the high quality and quantity of work put out by the folks at Aunty, no wonder some are saying "enough is enough!"

ABC News has posted three line (which I can't find yet.. heard on ABC-891) saying that the strike was occurring and that proposed restructuring by ABC management "threatened the immediacy of their programs"


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