Sunday, July 02, 2006

Big Brother's Banana- Stiff Upper Lip !

Bad enough, the Big Brother Brouhaha, but The Age hasn't helped matters. My seven-year-old daughter had the sense to switch channels tonight (I intend that we stay switched) so I didn't see all of how the matter was treated. What I've read of two days of media reports is, however, quite enough, thanks.

Whatever banter of cameraderie accompanied the footage that was streamed over the net on Friday night.. basically what you've got, as depicted in at least The Age's online version, is one bloke holding a girl down while another shoves his groin near her face.

What's inappropriate on the newspaper's part is accompanying the story with an online ad for help with erecton problems- complete with the ever-analogous banana!

Some people might consider the tiiming of the ad as a little inappropriate... but maybe they're being overly stiff about it.


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