Monday, February 05, 2007

The Wayward Wind

That TV Ad with the toddler driving the car has jogged a memory of pranging the family car when I was three. I'd watched Dad drive tons of times, and was completely sure that by jerking your hands back and forth on the steering wheel, the car did what it was supposed to do.

Getting into the car, slipping the auto system into neautral, and taking off the parking brake, I received a shock. My unwavering faith in the driving process was shattered by the car rolling backward down the driveway hill. I frantically twitched the wheel in disbelief as the car wobbled at a fair-to-medium pace across the street and into a tree. I don't remember performing the stunt twice, but my parents certainly do.

The people complaining about the commercial should get a life, if a kid wants to, it'll happen.

PS I don't drive any more.


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