Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hicks To Be Free From Guantamo- Australian citizens stay, U.K. Citizens Go

Pardon the jubilation, but it's great to see huge cracks in the U.S. armour. The U.K. High Court has granted David Hicks to become a U.K. citizen. As an Australian he's a prisoner of the U.S. Army, but as a Brit he will be allowed to leave for the same reason that his "compatriots" were. His new country doesn't recognize the jurisdiction of the US DoD. Australia, however, is happy to comply
It's already been touted in the media that the Blair Goververnment will appeal the verdict.

It's a pity that the people of my home city have been too gutless to stick up for him so far. No doubt they'll climb on the bandwagon now that he might be a winner. I hope they do. 20 million people are nothing to rest of the world unless they say the one thing at the same time. Whatever it takes is fine. A voice of Australian dissent to Hick's treatment is what the illegally imprisoned South Australian deserved years ago.. let him have it now


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