Thursday, May 25, 2006


I'm concerned that Rupert Murdoch's mass market association of the date 6/6/06 to the antichrist may create an environment in which a psychological aberration might occur.

Lured by the advertising, here's what the moviegoer will see:
[from Wikipedia]
The premise of The Omen comes from the end times prophecies of fundamentalist Christianity. Unlike the Left Behind series, this movie had no obvious evangelistic intent and its reading of the prophecies is fairly superficial, using them only as a premise from which to build the larger plot. The story tells of the childhood of Damien Thorn, who was switched at birth with the murdered child of a wealthy American diplomat. Damien's family is unaware that he is actually the offspring of Satan and destined to become the Antichrist.
The Salem Statesman-Journal is reporting another high school threat.

Classes are continuing as usual at Sprague High School after a note containing threatening language was found in a classroom at the school more than a week ago.

The note contained "disjointed words referring to the date 6/6/06 and made reference to the upcoming movie 'The Omen,'" said Salem police Lt. Dave Okada.

Law enforcement officials were called in to investigate after staff at the high school found the note in a classroom May 12.

Last week, principal Cheryl Bower sent a letter to parents alerting them of the handwritten note.

The note "made a threat against our school on June 6, 2006," Bower wrote in the letter.

"As with any threat, we are taking this note seriously," Bower wrote.


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