Thursday, August 10, 2006

Happy Fifth Birthday 9/11

Last year all we were given for September 11 was an Al Qaeda tape and the arrest of a terror threat named Scott Parkin. With Heathrow as an invitation, this year I reckon we're in for a suprise party.

A month away, and the celebrations have started already. People are being made to carry their personal effects onto planes in sealed plastic bags. What I wan't to know is if this liquid explosive idea was known, why weren't we told. OK so it might have alerted the would-be terrorists- but it would also have caused a cancellation of plans and perhaps averted the current state of fear that all of those travellers are enduring. And it might have averted an escalation in hostilities instead of potentially provoking such a possibility.

Not to mention that now that such a deed has been perpetrated the process is attemptable anywhere, anytime. I'll be amazed if discussions aren't being had at this minute regarding the possible closure of US airspace to incoming traffic. Copycat terrorist might be on planes from Vancouver, Mexico City, Jamaica, Adelaide, and a sealing of US borders might be the only form of protection that the Bush Administration could guarantee.

For a while now I've wanted to write on the possibility of a bumper birthday bash, but I couldn't see a likely catalyst. Voila! Fasten your seat belts, kiddies, we're in for a bumpy ride.

I was reading a book on sucessful dictators a while back, can't remember by who, which the author prefaced with the statement that the good ones seized power by cultivating and prolonging a state of emergency. For the commanders of the Coalition Of The Willing, this attack that never happened is pure media gold.


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