Thursday, March 29, 2007

Shelley Kovco Calls For Inquiry Finding Overturn

After the flood of emotions I"ve been through since receiving a post purporting to be from Shelley Kovco, I'm having trouble believing that it was from the same person appearing in the reports coming out this morning. On the strength of the report commissioned by the NSW Homicide squad, Shelley has called for the military finding of death by skylarking to be overturned. Kovco's mother is calling for an inquest.

The Homicide squad's report says that ""insufficient evidence [is] available ... to determine whether the trigger was pulled deliberately or accidentally".

Here's the current version from The Age.

What do I make of the missive from "Shelley" now? Shelley Kovco has said today that all she wants is for the word "skylarking" taken out, so that the verdict is simply that Kovco died of a gunshot wound to the head. Fair enough. What I still would like to know it that if, as claimed in the post, there is footage of Kovco being worked on, why hasn't it been mentioned till now?

One thing I know for sure is that I've only had a very minor taste of how Shelley Kovco might feel. I feel so sad for her. However, if there is going to be an inquest then I will be following it closely.


At 10:22 PM, Blogger Shelley said...

Richard... It was me that sent you that previous comment. And I guarantee you I am the real Shelley. The footage of Jake being worked on was bought up during the BOI on several occasions and I can tell you know it was not very nice to watch. It was shown during a closed session as there was no need for too many people to see this piece of footage. All that it really showed apart from them working on Jake) is the time. i assure you there is nothing in that footage that would need to come out in public. And I would be highly pissed off if I ever saw that sort of footage on the net about Jake. I'm trying to keep things like that off so my kids don't see it. However I will tell them abut it when they are old enough to understand. If you have questions...... Ask me? I don't want an inquest aas it won't bring Jake home and i don't beleive it is going to tell me anything I don't already know. I want this to stop so the kids and i can have a life without Jake....however that may be

At 3:19 AM, Blogger Anthony said...

Today i was thinking of one my closest friends, I decided to enter his name into a search engine and see what comes up, its taken me a year to have the courage to do this in fear of what i would read and how it would make me feel.
I was horrified..and this particular site was one of the worst.

My mate jake...what can I say, I still remember taking a photo of him and his family before we left. I rememebr the last words we ever spoke to each other and wish I had said goodbye and sadly I will never forget that day, I remember standing there, holding his hand as he died. That memory will be with me and my other friends for the rest of our lives. We remember our firend and pay tribute to his life, we will be the ones to watch his children grow up,we will be the ones that will have to tell his children about that day, we will be the ones that protect and honour his name.
Its a shame you have said some of the things you have said, you cant take that back, all the apoligies in the world cant make up for your foolish words.
Just remember, you were not there that day, you never knew my friend and have no right to say anything based solely on your opinions and post it on a public forum its just not fair.
Rest in peace Jake, I miss you.


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