Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Ballad of Lord Downer and Kindly Lisa

As Downer went riding in First Class one day
He spied a young damsel eating tuna mornay
With a fol of the rol and a didlle of of the day
He smiled at Kindly Lisa, saying unto her "G'day"

"I know this may sound strange, for it will be tricky,
to keep news of this from my wife, Lady Vicky
but my heart and my soul are for you, not my missus,
Let's not tell our courtiers, in case they dismiss us.

Kindly Lisa, quite flattered by intrigue and guile
bestowed upon Downer a radiant smile
saying "well shall you be repaid for devotion
now hasten to your court, and from there pass a motion

What you shall pass is your land's sovereignty
Give it to my leaders, that it may come to me
All I can accomplish with you by my side
and when I am Empress, you'll be my bride"

Lord Downer uplifted his head with a jerk
"Aha" he cried out "now I know of your lurk
I was playing along to see how far
Kindly Lisa would go to be Democracy's Star

"I care," said Downer, "for democracy.
Global domination means little to me
I cross the ocean, I'll whistle and sing
If you think I'd sell Australia, you can kiss my ring"


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