Monday, June 25, 2007

Tricking The Set Top Box

Brompton, where I've lived for ten years, has always been a bit dodgy for telly reception. I was given an Ultravision box, and was grateful enough that the thing gave me my first clear ABC in a decade. However, Aunty and Channel 10 were all I could get.

Played around with the Program Guide button tonight. The unit came to me without a manual and in dire need of a lot of gaffer tape, so I hadn't gotten around to finding it yet.

Flicking through, I found that pictures from most of the stations came up in a little box above the schedules when you clicked on the station's program guide.

Once you've got a picture, hit Exit. Voila. Brilliant reception on everything except SBS. No worries. I get that brilliantly anyway.

My only question is, why do I have to trick the bloody thing into doing its job? It reminds me of a Liberal Cabinet.


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