Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Merry Christmas From Rupert Murdoch

Dear Colleagues,
As the year comes to a close, I want to thank all of you for another outstanding year. Each of our divisions excelled and our company posted record revenues and profits. Yet there is much more to the spirit of this company - and to this season - than just the bottom line.
Among the many highlights of this eventful year, your response to the natural disasters that took so many innocent lives and destroyed or disrupted whole regions stands out. Together our company and employees contributed more than $8 million to help the victims of the South Asian tsunami. When catastrophe struck again less than a year later, in the forms of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, you rose to the occasion once more, generously donating more than $675,000. Nothing could better illustrate the values of our company, and I am inspired by your commitment to helping those in need.
This year, I had the good fortune to meet many of you and visit your places of work. My travels took me from New York to China, India, Australia, the United Kingdom, Italy and Los Angeles - nearly every
place we have a business interest. I came away more impressed than ever by the quality of our
operations and especially of our people. It is clear that wherever we operate, there is one standard by which we measure ourselves: excellence.
Since last year, our corporate family has grown. We have acquired exciting new businesses and
dramatically expanded our presence on the Internet. In the months and years to come, our company will have no higher priority than ensuring that we are as successful online as we have been in print and
on the big and small screens. We will pursue the same strategy as always: offer the customer the
highest quality content and the widest possible choices. But we will do it in new venues, in a media environment that is changing faster than ever. As we transform our company - and all its divisions - into an Internet heavyweight, we will lead, not follow.
For our company, next year may yet be even more eventful than this one. Competition will grow more fierce. Yet I have full confidence that we can rise to the challenge. Our company has not only thrived on change, we have been a catalyst for change. We have created new businesses and pioneered new products. We have the talent, the energy - and the urgency - to forge ahead. I know that through your hard work, we can, and we will.
So this holiday season, let us stop to cherish and appreciate those dearest to us. And let us look
forward to another year of great things for our company, and for us all.
With my warmest wishes for a joyous Holiday Season,
Rupert Murdoch

Filled with Christmas warmth as he embraced the internet, Rupert gave his Adelaide print staff a Christmas bonus of twenty five dollars (Australian) each


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