Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Thank You, Mister Hart

As they say, anyone who went to Pro Hart asking a favour never came away empty handed. I wonder how many lives he changed in this way, and how many others indirectly? Something he did certainly changed mine.

A member of a bush band I played squeezebox for in the '90s, Kelly's Revenge, had just finished an album when one of the members suggested asking Pro Hart if he'd do the cover. Naturally we asssumed such a thing would never happen and told the guitarist to try his luck. Doing it properly, he took a drive to Broken Hill to ask the question, and came back with a four-color of a bush dance.

I have no doubt that this cover was intrinisic in our touring Texas, Poland, Japan, Ireland, Denmark and Germany. The life experiences gained on those trips are still changing me. Thank you, Pro Hart


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