Sunday, September 24, 2006

ABC Christmas Serve

The ABC copped a serve on the Channel Nine comedy show The Late Shift on Sunday night. The scene is Christmas dinner and everyone's reading their bonbon jokes.

Little Bobby goes first "Why didn't the Coalition find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Because the invasion was based on a tissue of lies so that the US could get Iraq's resources" Everyone murmurs politely then Aunty Beryl reads out "What's the difference between George Bush and Nelson Mandela? George Bush is an arsehole"

Quizzical looks go around the table, then Uncle Fred reads "What do you get when you cross a weasel with a rodent? John Howard." Dad now says to Mum "Where exactly did you buy the crackers?" to which Mum replies

"ABC shop."

Parts of this abridged due to lack of recollection. Must say that it is rough treatment of the ABC.. if they weren't tell us what's actually happening then nobody would be.


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