Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Australian Foreign Minister Tampers With Inquiry Transcript

The oddest story so far. In spite of having said that he only reads the contents of memos if he's on a plane and out of things to read, Mr Downer didn't like the way he said it.

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Alexander Downer with the President of the United States of America, George W. Bush, during the President's visit to Australia
Picture: Messrs Bush and Downer choosing whose turn it is
to be "on top" tonight, while a White House aide eagerly
awaits the offer of a "threesome"

Appearing in the transcript was the line, apparently uttered by the Foreign Minister that he "would rarely read summaries of cables". Mr Downer's lawyers stepped in to have it changed so that he "would really" read summaries of cables. and the gentleman himself signed it, stating "yes I really do read summaries of cables."

So why give the impression that he'd only have a squizz if all the in-flight movies were too crappy to bother with? The correction is out of context with what Downer said elsewhere, yet considered too semantically sensitive by Downer's legal eagles to remain in print in this form. Maybe they thought that George wouldn't like it?

You'd think such a pedantically altered discussion would be up on Downer's website by now wouldn't you. However, there are probably a few more "edits" to be made.


At 9:33 AM, Blogger Kieran said...

Apparently when asked "did you kill her" OJ answered yes, but he didn't like the way it sounded, and the court upheld his objection on purely aesthetic grounds.


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