Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Ballad For APEC

The devil wore a crucifix
his preacher drove a Porsche
and together they rode the world
to plunder and debauch.
The blood red moon in Sydney's sky,
one day they'll write it down
as the worst of bad moons rising
as the king put on his crown.

The message spread across the land
of what was yet to come
as congregations gathered
to march to Freedon's Drum
The king's best town criers
called us rotten to the core
And the minstrel roamed the cities
cursing the Masters of War

Last night I had the strangest dream
of sickness in the sky
It was put there by the king
to stop us asking why.
Be conquererd or be slaughtered
was the message that he spread
Surrendering your liberty
is better than being dead.

In shock from what they saw, the people
did as they were told
And as they gazed into the sky
the king took all their gold
He said that he'd protect us
and fled across the sea,
and left us here to wonder why,
in chains of misery.

Thanks, Fiona Reynolds, for the inspiration

Dubya's Daughter's Wedding

David Letterman: Here is some great news: One of the president's daughters, the lovely Jenna Bush, is getting married. How about that. ... It's going to be an expensive wedding. And I guess this is no surprise, the $3 billion contract has gone to Halliburton.

Boom Boom!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Wild Rover

I've been a wild Rover for many a year
and I've spent all my money on Halliburton shares.
but now I've resigned, I'm running out the door
and I never will play the wild rover no more.

I went to the WhiteHouse I used to frequent,
and I told George and Cheney their money was spent.
They asked me for credit, I answered them "nay,
the IMF gave you all that yesterday."

I'll go home to PNAC, confess what I've done,
and collect my commission, gold bullion, lump sum.
I'll get myself ready for the Third World War,
and I never will play the wild rover no more.