Thursday, February 14, 2008

The First Cane Toad In Adelaide- Brought To You By Halliburton

The first cane toad has arrived in Adelaide. It came, it would seem, down from the tropics on Dick Cheney's Adelaide-Darwin railway, hopped out at the main railway marshalling yard, and into the mosquito misted wetlands that adjoin the Kinhill (yep, Kinnaird's forerunner to HAL Australia) developed defence technology suburb of Mawson Lakes. and turned up in a back yard on Tuesday.

Take your omens where you find them, I always say.

Thanks a lot, Halliburton.

An extra thought. best to keep an eye on components going to Woomera. Now that Foley has signed the contracts to launch the US's new military communications satelites..... Cane Toads In Scpace? What if they manage to hop on to a passing exploration probe? The new dominant lifeform of the galaxy? Aaargh!